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Axelar Network - Defi dapp on Ethereum, Polygon, Binancesmartchain, Avalanche, Moonbeam, Fantom

About Axelar Network

Build a 1-click experience: enable users to interact with any asset, any application, from any chain.

Axelar goes far beyond sending wrapped assets with General Message Passing, which carries any payload securely cross-chain. Applications can call any function on any connected chain, and deliver a one-click experience for users on any other connected chain. This is a new kind of dApp development that puts users first and lets developers build on the platform best suited to their use case.

Cross-chain communication is easy. Secure cross-chain communication is hard. Most solutions today are permissioned multisigs, based on proof-of-authority, which has lost hundreds of millions in security exploits. Axelar network security is based on delegated proof-of-stake: a permissionless, dynamic validator set applies a consensus approach that is similar to the networks Axelar connects.

Atop of the Axelar stack sits an application-development layer, used to compose across any number of chains. Developers go cross-chain without new programming languages or added complexity. They focus on building the functionality that differentiates their dApp.

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