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About Blockchain Bikers

Ride or Die!

11,111 Blockchain Bikers are an eco-system of biker culture within the NFT world - bringing with them an entire PFP experience. As the dust settled and only one avatar could remain, the bikers took it upon themselves to equip their helmets and run the Twitter-verse with one simple saying #rideordie. They took to their garages and claimed their bikes it was now time to create a legacy Blockchain Bikers is a foundation of incredible art and community. A top artist in C_reu_d developed the bikers and we can't wait to build a-top of the art with experiences. You will get 100% of the IP & Rights behind your artwork. 150 attributes and 9 categories/properties. ‍ We started this journey with the intention of giving much more than a single PFP NFT to our gang, once you have the PFP be ready to unlock your garage and the bike you will ride. Entry into all events will always be FREE for members

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