BvBMiners is High-risk on binance-smart-chain

#1275 in Global Ranking #132 in High-risk #471 in binance-smart-chain.

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About BvBMiners

Hire Bulls

Whenever you are feeling bullish you may hire bulls to pull for you. Your bulls are hired and will pull for you forever! They will generate a 3% return per day for the amount of bulls you have.

If you feel very bullish you can also hire bulls with your earnings! Whenever you do that you will receive a discount in your next withdraw, the amount of discount will be proportional to the amount of bulls hired to the total of BNB in the contract.

Claim Rewards

Whenever you claim your rewards the bears get stronger and the tax to withdraw for everyone gets higher. Claim at the right time to maximize your returns!

Get discounts

Whenever you hire more bulls with your unclaimed earnings or your referrals hire bulls you accumulate a discount on your next claim tax. Use it wisely and you may overcome the bears strength.

We custom-made our algorithm to be the new de facto mining algorithm. Its different from every miner you ever seen! You will receive your 3% daily and will be protected from dumps by our claim tax restaking system that keeps the contract balance healthier for a longer time.

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