Chad NFT

Chad NFT is Collectibles on ethereum

#1137 in Global Ranking #102 in Collectibles #190 in ethereum.

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About Chad NFT

It is a collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn Chad NFTs by Degen artists.

Chad represents early adopters of DeFi and NFT spaces. Chad is obsessed with trading shitcoins and apeing into unaudited protocols. When your virgin friends buy Facebook or Apple stocks and wait for a decade to make 2x profit, you make 100x profit by buying DOGE coin with 50x leverage, yield farming vegetable tokens, and minting some fancy NFTs.

In a few years, Chad NFT will be so rare. It will become history.

Stand out from virgins and be a Chad with your own NFT.

Join Chad's party to become a legend 🦍

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