dForce is Defi on binance-smart-chain

#561 in Global Ranking #248 in Defi #200 in binance-smart-chain.

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About dForce

dForce advocates for building an integrated and interoperable open finance protocol matrix, covering assets (stablecoins, synthetic assets, yield token, etc), lending (global liquidity pool) and trading (aggregator and AMM). 

Our team includes both crypto veterans and professionals from Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered Bank, CitiBank, Hony Capital. dForce is backed by investors including CMBI (China Merchants Bank International), Multicoin Capital and Huobi Capital (the investment arm of Huobi Group).

We work with the world’s top-ranked security companies (Trail of Bits, Consensys Diligence, Certik, Quantstamp, Certora, PeckShield, SlowMist, SECBIT) on smart contract audits for all dForce native protocols.

dForce Token (DF) is the governance token across dForce network, conferring holders the power to influence decisions concerning dForce protocols, including onboarding of new assets and collaterals, changes to risk parameters, fee accrual, interest alignment through voting process.

dForce is currently deployed on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

WEB Site:  app.dforce.network 

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