EnergyMining is High-risk on binance-smart-chain

#1045 in Global Ranking #101 in High-risk #387 in binance-smart-chain.

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About EnergyMining


  ✅Smart Contract Verified✅

  🧨 Pools:

⛏ Pool 1 °:

Mine ⛏ 10% daily of your investment x 14 days

Withdraw when you want.

♻️ 20% reinvestment upon Withdrawal.

🧨🧨 Pool 2 °:

Mine ⛏ 13% daily of your investment x 14 days

It is withdrawn at the end of the plan.

🗝 50% insured in case you want to retire earlier

♻️ 20% reinvestment

🔝 Increase in mining power 0.5% daily x 14 days.

🤹🎮 Mini Games 🎮🤹‍♂️

Will start with rounds of 20 players

🎖The game will be entered with 0.01bnb.

🎖 Everyone can play even without participating in the farm.

🔝 The three best players will share 70% of the Pool

✔️ 10% will be invested in Marketing and Development

✔️ 20% will be added to the balance sheet of the farm.

🔸 The more you play and the more mining power you inject, the more money you will earn

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