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About is an innovative DEX currently being developed to solve the problems DEX currently face. The Ewap protocol is a sub-extension of the Quatro Network and neuro-links the other protocols within the network. It is created using ERC20 smart contract as its base technology, with tweaked up DeFi services to suit users and investors.Eswap protocol will enable you to instantly swap crypto tokens from your Dapps wallet service provider. No KYC or registration process is needed, no deposits are also required to make swaps. Execution of smart contracts in a simplistic form, is the bed- rock of the buy/sell process within Eswap.Eswap will apply a safe liquidity protocol to finance the trade ecosystem within the plat- form. Users will be allowed to provide liquidity in pairs directly through their wallets without any form of registrations.

Liquidity providers will earn a 0.4% commission per transactions carried out on the Eswap platform. This is one of the most highly incentivized liquidity pool out there on the market.The Eswap team will activate liquidity mining of several pairs. These are also referred to as farms. These can be entered into through a few simple clicks, users can stake their crypto tokens in the Eswap platform. We give users a perfect alternative for mining tokens. Within these liquidity mines, returns on investments will be paid in tube2 tokens. Eswap also adopts a constant product market maker (AMM), AMM is based on the function x*y=k, which determines the price range of two tokens based on the available quan- tity (liquidity) of each token. To maintain a constant product K, when the supply of tokens X increases, the supply of tokens Y will correspondingly decrease, and vice versa.)

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