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About Felix Share Dapp 

Felixball.io is EOS based gaming platform. The platform is profit sharing in nature and fair gaming is always the prime priority. Felix will distribute the dividend by the number of Felix coins that the players have mined during games. Felix has built the world's first Blockchain structure to prevent and reduce the variety of errors that may have encounter during the play. The platform is unpresidential and revolutionary in the industry.

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 Balance 46352.5994
  • Last 24 hours
  •  Users 306
  •  TXs 64225
  •  Volume $ 297,617
  • Last 7 days
  •  Users861
  •  TXs586983
  •  Volume2,654,559$

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  • Contracts Wallet 6: felixwebuser
    Wallet 1: felixdicewlt
    Wallet 4: felixmainwlt
    No info: felixfunding
    Wallet 3: felixmanager
    Main game Contract: felixeosgame
    Wallet 2: felixlottery