ForTube is Defi on binance-smart-chain

#778 in Global Ranking #324 in Defi #322 in binance-smart-chain.

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About ForTube

As a world leading Decentralized Cryptocurrency Bank, ForTube is committed to providing decentralized financial services and private banking services for crypto asset enthusiasts around the world.

Users’ assets are managed by users themselves in the open source ForTube system, which is transparent and safe. Users can choose to deposit tokens to obtain interest, or collateral assets for financing. The interest rate is determined by the algorithm, and supports deposit and withdrawal, borrow and returns. 

Users can also choose financial services such as customized wealth management, aggregate mining, and fast borrowing at any time provided by ForTube.

ForTube is built on smart contract and automated algorithm technology, supports ETH/BSC/OEC chains, and will support more cross-chain assets in the future; The unique DeFi technology components and security concepts ensure user experience and asset security; Code have passed the joint audit of major well-known security companies.

ForTube has a strong user base around the world, with more than 15,000 Chinese community, more than 17,000 in English, Korean and Turkish Telegram groups, and more than 21,000 Twitter followers.

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