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Pepe the Frog first appeared in 2005 as a character in the Boy's Club series by Matt Fury. From the very first days of his birth, Pepe began to be actively promoted by such a well-known online community as 4chan. At the same time, on various forums and on social networks, Pepe began to acquire various spinoffs and rethinking in the form of memes. Over the next 10 years, Pepe became firmly established in the top of the most popular Internet memes.

No Whale:

Have you been dumped by whale before? now with $PEPE,there is no whale, which means no dump on you.


Owning a coin have wait for its price increasing then sell to take profit? with Pepe, you just earn $BNB and $BTC weekly without having to sell your coins. Magically!

Auto Staking:

When staking? just own $PEPE, then you automatically get more $PEPE without doing anything. Buy $PEPE, earn $BTC, automatically have more $PEPE, repeat!

Punish Sellers, Protect Holders:

Holders who sold all $PEPE will not be able to earn $BNB and $BTC again!

Get free PEPE:

Get Free PEPE by refering to your friends to claim airdrop using following link!

Refer to your friends! Get 100% of all claims & 100% when they buy!

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