GameX Swap

GameX Swap is Exchanges on binance-smart-chain

#1149 in Global Ranking #66 in Exchanges #412 in binance-smart-chain.

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About GameX Swap

How does the GameX Swap work with the new ecosystem?

GameX Swap is a decentralized exchange with a new ecosystem has been created, with an alternative token XGameX to be the new spotlight of this new ecosystem.

In GameX Swap you can buy GMX tokens, in addition to that we have farms, staking pools, (lottery, and specialties that are going to be available soon)

In order to use the staking pools, lottery, and all the benefits from our swap you need to have XGameX, which is only earned by holding GameX.

This is an example of how our swap works with a new ecosystem

GameX farm on the swap is live GMX- BNB EARN XGMX GMX -BUSD EARN XGMX Also, pools are live Stake XGMX earn Matic Stake XGMX earn ETH Stake XGMX earn BNB Stake XGMX earn BTCB Stake XGMX earn GMX

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