Golff is Defi on binance-smart-chain

#857 in Global Ranking #362 in Defi #290 in binance-smart-chain.

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About Golff

DeFi is the first application in the decentralized world after Bitcoin. You believe that DeFi will step out of the Crypto circle in future and become the trending of open finance! The Golff team members have been deeply involved in the blockchain for a long time, and have a keen insight into the industry and strong executive ability. You believe that everyone should have equal access to high-quality financial products and services. Then Golff was born!Golff is postioned as a one-stop services encrypted bank, committing to creating a light, open and free financial world where everyone can participate. At this time, you are standing at the starting point of the DeFi explosion, facing the vast future of the DeFi world.

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