#599 Defi #2021 Global Ranking #528 Multichain

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About Integral

Integral aspires to make DeFi better by making it efficient to trade large-cap tokens like ETH and wBTC on chain. The AMM-based DEX works smart through mirroring a global order-book with one pool, synthesizing global best bid & offer prices for its traders. When being quoted together with other leading aggregators like 1inch, Integral wins on price for 66% of the time for a $1 million trade.

Before Integral, liquidity fragmentation runs deep on DeFi (chains, protocols, pools, price range, etc.). Therefore, traditional aggregators improve on prices by painstakingly routing orders to tens of liquidity sources. In contrast, Integral makes the world’s best execution prices available in a single pool, and helps traders enjoy the same execution benefits as the most liquid exchanges and trading desks across the globe.  

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