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JustLend - Defi dapp on Tron

About JustLend

The first official lending platform on TRON where users can borrow, lend, deposit assets and earn interests.

JustLend is a TRON-powered money market protocol aimed at establishing fund pools whose interest rates are determined by an algorithm based on the supply and demand of TRON assets. There are two roles within the protocol, namely the depositor and borrower. Both of them can directly interact with the protocol to earn or pay the floating interest rate.

JustLend now accepts TRX, USDT, USDJ, SUN, WIN, BTC, JST, ETH and WBTT as collateral for loans. Meanwhile, JustLend allows smart contracts for TRX, BTC, SUN, JST, WIN, ETH, WBTT, USDT and USDJ to distribute jTokens that correspond to underlying assets to users’ accounts at the exchange rate.

JustLend lending protocol and the platform provide participants with different incentives, for example:

● For borrowers: sell short an asset or borrow the right of use

● For lenders: earn interest on assets

Compared with traditional financial products, custodian-free decentralized protocols enjoy the following promising edges:

● Transparency & effective pricing based on market demand

● Fast and convenient lending

● Immunity to censorship & immutability

JustLend features:

Automatic Order Matching

Automatically match supply and borrow requirements, and generate attractive returns on supplies.

Generous Returns

Supply and withdrawal are allowed anytime. Tightly integrate with TRON DeFi applications and promise immediate, generous returns.

Fast & Efficient Service

Drawing strengths from the high-performing TRON network, JustLend allows fast and cost-effective transactions.

WEB Site:  justlend.org 

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