KLEVA Protocol

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KLEVA Protocol - Defi dapp on Klaytn

About KLEVA Protocol

KLEVA Protocol is the 2nd biggest DeFi protocol by TVL in Klaytn. 

Specialising in leveraged yield farming services for users, we do this by taking advantage of the liquidity layers in Decentralized Exchanges and act as an amplifier for these exchanges. By integrating with farms, we trigger an inflow of liquidity to both exchanges and our protocol, leading to a higher TVL for the entire Ecosystem.

Furthermore, while maximizing the investor's compensation, it supports lenders to earn steady interest income.

In conclusion, the KLEVA protocol leverages the existing DeFi protocol to maximize revenue for all participants and opens the door to opportunities, accelerating the growth of the entire Klaytn DeFi ecosystem

WEB Site:  kleva.io 

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