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Money on chain - Defi dapp on Rsk

About Money on chain

DOC a Token that provides Stability within the crypto world with a dollar-pegged Bitcoin-Backed Stablecoin;  BPro A Token designed for BTC holders that allows to earn a rent on Bitcoin position, and gain free leverage; BTCX a leveraged long bitcoin holding position; MOC governance a token to govern the Smart Contract; RIF on chain: RDOC is a RIF Stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar and guaranteed by a smart contract; RIF PRO A token that mirrors the RIF volatility plus a small amount of leverage that it receives from the RDOC stablecoins; RIFX A RIF leverage decentralized long position; TEX A decentralized exchange that allows you to place both limit orders and market maker orders to buy or sell tokens at an emerging price, avoiding front-running and allowing fair price discovery even with low volume..

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