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MoonLift Dex is Defi on binance-smart-chain

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About MoonLift Dex

Moonlift Protocol DEX

MoonLift Protocol is a Decentralised Exchange focused on Play to Earn games and digital NFT assets.

With its native BEP-20 token $MLTPx, it offers a diverse range of DeFi services on its exchange at 

At present, individuals can use the DEX to swap their currencies as well as stake their MLTPx to obtain lucrative yield farming benefits. On top of that, a lottery is available. 

In the near future, further services will be released, including Supernova with its single staking functionality, a Play and Earn platform and an NFT marketplace.

With Play & Earn we have the ability to go where none has gone before. We will provide ways of earning valuable property which you can be the owner of, no intermediaries involved. We have seen big gaming corporates achieving the craving for earning digital property that loses all value as soon as you purchase it. To be used and eventually abandoned when one loses interest in the game. The blockchain enables the ability to establish a safe & smooth economic environment to approach this differently.

So, what is Play & Earn? Simply put, you can earn currency and NFT's by playing games. We collaborate with gamedevelopers and blockchaindevelopers to make both sides interact with eachother. If you posess the sufficient funds (Origon or Nimble) to participate, you can play one of our games with the potential of earning more (or valuable NFT's). This thread contains a detailed description of every game. You will find information about the widely varying rewardsystems, how to earn certain NFT's, how to play the actual game and even more.

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