Mouse.Farm is Defi on binance-smart-chain

#429 in Global Ranking #174 in Defi #163 in binance-smart-chain.

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About Mouse.Farm

Mouse.Farm is a DeFi yield-farm on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

It is part of an ecosystem called Farmhub.

Users are able to 'breed' MOUSE tokens by providing liquidity for the decentralized exchange (AMM) of various cryptocurrencies.

Users are then able to 'feed' these tokens to the Eagle on Eagle.Farm. 

After feeding, users are rewarded with EAGLE tokens, which can be deposited into an Eagle's Nest. 

After the deposit phase of an Eagle's Nest ends, it will start accumulating BUSD, since no more EAGLE tokens can be deposited, a user's share can only go up in value from this point forward.

When the Eagle's Nest finishes accumulating, users are able to withdraw their BUSD reward.

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