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Nominex (NMX) - Defi dapp on Binancesmartchain

About Nominex (NMX)

Nominex Token (NMX) is a DeFi token with a unique farming model created by the Nominex exchange. Nominex is the first centralized exchange to successfully launch utility staking. The distribution process is spread over 72 years. The staking unlocks unlimited possibilities on Nominex. A partner level is assigned to all stakers depending on the amount of invested funds, which gives unique bonuses for using the exchange itself. Farming of NMX token has a utility: stake more assets (NMX-LP) and get a higher partner level as well. Higher level gives lower trading and withdrawal fees - up to 0%. Trade absolutely for free!

Nominex allows you to receive staking income from 4 pools.

  • Stake personally in primary pool and earn your daily share of 10 000 NMX by staking personally
  • Stake longer and get rewarded from bonus pool from 20% - 900%
  • Just Invite friends and get max income from direct staking pool And both of you will receive 5% - 40% in addition to personal staking
  • Earn NMX from team pool. Depends on staking of all partners in your structure, who also stake NMX-LP.

So, with NMX i can:

  • Receive 100% discount on all trading fees
  • Withdraw crypto for free up to 3 times a day
  • Add assets to liquidity for 72 years, receiving rewards
  • Get access to 8 types of referral bonuses for the affiliate program
  • Earn my share of the NMX personal staking pool
  • Earn my share of staking on Nominex from the Extra bonus pool, consisting of 3 pools.

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