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PayCashSwap - Defi dapp on Eos

About PayCashSwap

PayCashSwap liquidity pools: All cryptocurrencies on the EOS blockchain, including PC tokens may be added by any user to the liquidity pools, thus giving the users the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies.  

Provision and withdrawal of liquidity is done momentarily. A user may at any time withdraw his or her assets from the pools. PayCashSwap does not demand that the users block their tokens as is the case for many well-known platforms that offer the possibility of staking cryptocurrencies. 

The logic of earning in liquidity pools is very straightforward:  For each exchange operation in PC pools a commission of 0.25% of the exchange sum is charged that is then distributed among all exchange pool participants in proportion to their share of the pool: 

- 0.2% is distributed proportional among users liquidity suppliers; 

-0.05% is directed to the burning of the MALINKA (MLNK) rewar d token. 

Every day according to a preset algorithm a certain amount of MALINKA (MLNK) is distributed among exchange pool participants in proportion to their share of the pool. 

MALINKA Has its own market value, which create a significant income on investmen Liquidity tokens: For provision of assets to liquidity pools, a user receives liquidity tokens (for example LQAE liquidity toke for providing liquidity to the pool MLNK x RUBCASH) that are accrued by a smart contract and reflected within PC app. These tokens confirm the fact of providing investment to a given pool. To withdraw funds from a pool, one needs to enter the PC app, select a liquidity token and then select the «withdraw liquidity» function. 

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