Payday is High-risk on binance-smart-chain

#797 in Global Ranking #71 in High-risk #309 in binance-smart-chain.

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About Payday

With us, you'll be investing your money to hire staff members that collect $BNB for you. Your new staff will work 24/7, around-the-clock, to help you make money . You'll receive a daily 3%* return on your original investment. The more staff members you hire the more money you'll make.

The only fee that users personally incur is their transaction gas fees. The current gas price is usually around 0.0005 BNB per transaction.

10% development fee is paid to the developer but this fee is not paid by you as a user, this fee is paid to the developer by the contract as a whole. This goes back into developing PAYD and making a better experience for investors.

You claim your daily profits from a briefcase which is filled by your staff members, and you can compound or bank BNB whenever you like.

Payday is sustainable due to many factors: community support, our upcoming merchandise store and upcoming coin voting site.

How to make more than $200 daily within 3 months with an initial investment of $500?

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