Relay Chain

Relay Chain is Defi on ethereum, polygon, binance-smart-chain, avalanche, other

#1238 in Global Ranking #485 in Defi #304 in ethereum.

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About Relay Chain

Relay allows traders to reach many markets simultaneously by integrating cross-chain swaps into popular DEX, CEX, dApps and wallets, bringing new arbitrage opportunities and increased exposure to lucrative trades. For the rest of us, Relay means we can move crypto between blockchains with simplicity, security and speed, making cross-chain DeFi accessible to the masses. Because Relay is a service, you might not even know you’re using it, yet Relay is the premiere bridge of DeFi, unifying the decentralized world and rewarding the holders who help.

Bridge fees are redistributed to Relay holders through the rewards of the Liquidity Pools directly in native gas tokens (ETH, BNB, AVAX, HT, MOVR, MATIC)

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