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Welcome to the TOTHETRON project - code-level honesty! What is TOTHETRON? TOTHETRON is the latest investment project based on the principle of mutual support of users. The project is deployed in the TRON blockchain - one of the largest and most technically advanced one to date, and is fully managed by a smart contract. As a result, the project has no "human" administrators and owners - it is completely decentralized and no one can interfere with its work. The basic principle of TOTHETRON is very simple - participants send TRX to the smart contract fund and receive a daily reward until they receive 310% of the initial Deposit. As soon as this limit is reached, payments will stop and the investment cycle will be completed. However, you can immediately start a new cycle and get 310% from the new deposit. The basic rate is 1% per day. In other words, the investment will pay off in 100 days, and the full investment cycle takes 310 days. However, active participation in the referral program allows you to speed up this process. TOTHETRON referral program: 10% Direct bonus 3% Leadership pool 45% MATCHING BONUS Cycle rules 310% Read the full GUIDE on the website: *TOTHETRON referral program *REVENUE FROM PARTNERS ' PROFITS *LEADERSHIP SPONSORSHIP POOL *IMPORTANT NOTES TOTHETRON works cyclically! Four ways to get income TOTHETRON.COM

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