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TRONCASH - High-risk dapp on Tron


TRONCASH is not just another smart contract on Passive Income. The idea is idiosyncratic and its coded from the scratch. This is a first of its kind, smart contract, which pleases the investors as well as promoters. Investors earn a passive income, while the promoters earn special bonuses on top of the passive income. The contract is designed in a way, that it will never run out of trx to pay. TronCash is an ingenious decentralized platform. Features of TRONCASH:

  • 1) Minimum Investment is 100 TRX and Maximum Return is 150% - Anti Whale System.
  • 2) 75% daily ROI. Every Investment is considered as new investment and you will earn ROI for every investment.
  • 3) Referral Commission up to 3 levels (10%, 5%, 3%).
  • 4) Earn referral commission up to 3 levels.
  • 5) You are allowed to withdraw only once in every 24 hours.
  • 6) All incomes are added every seconds and you can withdrawal at any time.

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