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About WOOFi


WOOFi is a decentralized exchange featuring CeFi level price execution, lowest swap fee, one-click cross-chain swaps and liquidity provision with single-sided staking. It consists of four key modules:

A multi-chain decentralized exchange with the highest capital efficiency in DeFi, providing users with high-quality trade execution and the lowest swap fees. The sPMM liquidity pool provides interfaces for other DeFi applications, such as aggregators, to plug in and get cheap liquidity.


A DeFi yield optimizer provides the hassle-free experience of earning in DeFi with "set-and-forget" type of vaults. Supercharger earn vaults combine the auto-compounding yield farming with liquidity provision in WOOFi Swap to maximize the capital efficiency.


Allow users to stake WOO tokens to capture the fee from WOOFi Swap and Earn and increase their yield on WOO token.

Exchange (BETA)

WOOFi DEX (BETA) is an orderbook style decentralized exchange that is built on top of Orderly Network's trading infrastructure and the NEAR blockchain.

WEB Site:  fi.woo.org 

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