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X2Y2 - Marketplaces dapp on Ethereum

About X2Y2

X2Y2 is building the decentralized NFT marketplace we all deserve: Like LooksRare, but transparent & honest. Like OpenSea, but with the features we've all been waiting for 👇

  • Instant push notifications for buys & sells
  • Combined $WETH & $ETH trades
  • Bulk sending, listing & buying
  • Collection & trait offers
  • 0 private sell fees
  • Rarity tools
  • Upcoming Community NFT Collection

If that wouldn't be enough, the X2Y2 trading fee is set to 2% & goes directly to the $X2Y2 Staking Pool 🏦 

  • No Wash Trading, only Staking Rewards
  • No Shady Private Sale
  • Fair Tokenomics

WEB Site:  x2y2.io 

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